Thîst dwelt more comfortably in the Great North-hall than did her brother Zôrn. whose friends and kin urged him with every conversation to learn the noble arts of smith-craft, stone lore, and warfare. Like Zôrn, Thîst loved the Olvar above all, but more tolerance was accorded to her choice of study than to his. In the long afternoons, she would stroll the alpine meadows outside the caverns tending, planting, and harvesting the herbs and flowers. The scorn accorded to Zôrn grieved Thîst sorely, but she bore it quietly so as not add her own distress to her brother's tribulations. Her mother's brother Brôv Grimfist alone accepted Zôrn's peculiar vocation and frequently brought strange plants from the faraway places he visited to both herbalists. Thus it came to pass that when Brôv killed his brother and was banished for it,Thîst followed Zôrn away from Tumunamahal.

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