The Teleri (Q."Last Ones") were the third and largest of the three hosts of the Eldar.They were those of the Nelyar who had gone to join the hosts of the Minyar and Noldor on the Great Journey.In contrast to the first two peoples the Teleri were a diverse and disunified host, led loosely by the two brothers Elwe and Olwe (and lesser Chieftains as Nowe and Lenwe).

The Teleri broke into a number of fractions, the first ones to leave the main host on the great journey had been the Nandor led by Lenwe, the second group were Elwe's and Nowe's Sindar who stayed in Beleriand while Olwe's Falmari went off to the Undying Lands.The Name Teleri was applied to them by their Vanyar and Noldor brothers, while they referred to themselves as the Lindar (T."Singers").


The Teleri spoke a conservative Eldarin dialect known as common Telerin or Lindarin.The languages Falmarin, Sindarin and Nandorin all were derived from this archaic speech.

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