The Telcontari or House Telcontar were the royal family and line of Kings of the Reunited Kingdom, the children and descendants of Aragorn Elessar and Arwen Evenstar, and their son Eldarion Telcontar. The house consisted of all those men, women, and children who were related by blood to the King, which included foreign nobility, but only the King’s child, preferably male, could reign. Aragorn's heirs ruled a great realm and constituted an epoque of peace in the Westlands which lasted for almost 1000 years (despite several minor revolts and boundary disputes).

The Line of Telcontar

Altough the official Quenya names of the Telcontari-monarchs were still used in official documents and by learned scribes, in everyday life the common-folk used their Westron names and, after Eldarion even the Telcontari themselves discontinued the use of the Eldarin tongues in their everyday life and started to use their Westron names even for official purposes.


  • Middle-Earth Play-by-Mail - the Fourth Age Scenario
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