Tel Verenaer

The village of Tel Verenaer was a fairly typical marsh settlement.It was built on an island with relatively steep shores, located in the

far eastern portion of the Nindalf swamp, near the main road that ran north from Tir Nindor and Caras Gwindor.The villagers kept the surrounding channels dredged and clear of Daynet.

Places of Note

1. Headman's Hut.Thischouses Kellir,his wife and three children

2. Priestess' Hut.The elderly priestess of Jevinne Mirrin— and her husband Gerro, live here with their tamed marshcat, Mufia.

3. Healer's Hut. The healer Shiril, her husband and two children live here

4. Diravin's Hut.Diravin lives here with his wife and baby

5. Communal Kitchen, A circular hut with a smokehole in the roof

6. Boat slips. The long canoes and round coracles of the villagers are tied up here.The coracles are virtually round and constructed of hide-covered wickerwork.

7. Priest's Hut. The old priest of Eremi and his wife live here

8. Hennar's Hut.Hennar the scout dwells here with his wife Imilir and their four children

9. Serris' Hut. Serris the herbmistress resides within with her husband Derrud the goatherder and their five children.

10. Vilik's Hut. Vilik the carver lives here with his wife.

11. Goat shed and pen. A lot of kidding around takes place here.

12. Temple. Just a roof atop poles set on a manmade mound Bloodless offerings of plants and fruit are made here. Eremi receives a blood sacrifice of a duck once a year

13. Vegetable gardens.


Derrud Diravin Dirkal Gerro Hennar Imilir Kellir Mirrin Mufia Relin Serris Shiril Vilik

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