A Technician is a highly skilled or semi-skilled worker in the field of technology.A Technician may be a specialized Master-Craftsman or a practical working Scholar.A Technician may also be an engineer or mechanic working with tools and machinery, an Artist, a Pioneer working with War Engines or an Inventor, Constructor or Artisan like a clock-maker or Toymaker.

In Middle-Earth foremostly the Dwarves had a reputation for working with more complicated machines and for creating mechanical clocks and magical Toys the only mannish culture which had made great efforts in technology were the Númenóreans who at the peak of their power knew of Steam engines, Explosives, Alchemy and Air-Ships.This knowledge had been taught to them by Sauron who had been the leading Technician of Angband and Utumno and knew the secrets of Morgoth's Mechanical Dragons and other complicated engines of war and forbidden knowledge.From Angband and Utumno also came the limited but efficient technological lore of the Orcs though their techniques were quite primitive and degenerated in comparison to the efforts of their Masters.The Elendili, Elves and Hobbits largely despised complicated machines and technology, seeing advanced technologies as a heritage from Morgoth and a threat to peace and nature.

Technicians of renown

Technicians in Roleplaying

Rolemaster has a Technician class as well as some similar professions as Alchemist, Artisan, Constructor, Crafter, Delver, Engineer, Academic, Creator, Professional and Scientist.

A Technician may also be:

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