Taurrogath (S."Forest Demons") took the form of monstrous black boars, enshrouded in billowing clouds of stinking darkness and swarming flies. Occasionally a baleful red eye or the flash of long, curved tusks pierced the shadowy veil, and those fortunate few who had come face-to-face with the creature and lived to tell of it reported a terrible bestial visage with bony protuberances sprouting from brow, snout, and jowl. The hulking beast was nearly as tall at the shoulder as a Man full grown and weighed well over half a ton.

Deep shadow surrounded a Taurrog like a cloak of darkness. All non-magical light within 10 feet of it was extinguished or dimmed, they emitted a foul stench and were frustrated by running water.They never forded or swam deep rivers and were loathe to cross even shallow streams and creeks.


  • The Hall of Fire Magazine #43
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