Tauressar was the son of Taurion one of King Thranduil's high councillors. Married to Calmiriel, he had one child and named her Tauriel. After Tauriel's birth, the King had favoured Argaldor and promoted him to the chief of his Guard, Tauressar's father had grown bitter and led to conspiring behind his king, planning to abolish the rule of a Sindarin-elite and return to the old kingless and more egalitarian Nando-ways. Tauressar discovered his father's plot, and told the Elven King. He later went with his wife on a mission to the southern borders on the Woodland realm, but was ambushed by Orcs. Tauressar and his wife proved themselves trustworthy and gave their lives for the king. Consequently Thranduil forgave Tauressar's family and eventually raised Tauressar's orpahned daughter Tauriel like his own child.


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