Nurwe, leader of the Tatyarin Avari

One of the original three Elven kindreds the Tatyar (Q."Second Ones",Av."Atatäiär") were the host of Tata.They were the ancestors of the Noldor and the tribes of the tatyarin-Avari, notably the Kwindi, Hwenti, Kindi, Kinn-Lai, Cuind, Hwendi and Windan.


As their kinsmen, the early Tatyar were simple hunter-gatherers, mostly enjoying a nomadic life.In contrast to the Nelyar they preferred mountains and hills over dense Woodlands, riverine valleys and coastal areas.They had made early efforts as Horsetamers and Herders and were skilled craftsmen, though they still hadn't achieved knowledge in metallurgy.


The Tatyar were for the most part taller than the Nelyar, but less graceful and more muscular or brawny than both, their Minyar and Nelyar brethren.While their complexion varied from Ivory and silver or steel-grey to skin tones of ruddy and dark hue, most were dark haired and dark eyed, with a few copper haired exceptions.

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