Tartella was a much abused swampweed was found in mild climate nest Freshwater River Banks such as the Marshes along the Gwathló where it grew in great concentrations.If dried and burned the pungent smoke of it's leaves was a powerful euphoric- relaxant drug which will induced euphoria A few hours. The user of the drug, however, would become resistant to its effect after 2-5 doses such a that an ever-increasing dose was be needed to produce the same effect. The drug was also extremely addictive. More than 2 doses in a three day period would precipitate withdrawal symptoms if another dose was not ingested within the next 72 hours. Withdrawal symptoms included severe nausea, headaches, chills and seizures if the addiction was long term. While under the effect of the drug, the user was weakened and out of touch with reality. Dunlendings rarely used this drug, but it was gathered and shipped to the larger cities for illegal sale just as Tartec was.

It's refined essence could also be used as a dazing poison.

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