Targen (W."Holder") was a Westron Rank and Title.It was used in different context throughout times.It was often translated as "Captain" but was in fact more similar to a modern Captain/Major or even lieutenant colonel. In the Military of the late Dúnedain of Gondor the Targen would be a regional or Garrison Commander in Charge of an “Authanath" of 100 up to 500 men it's Quenya equivalent would have been the Herundur (Q."Steward" or literally "Lord's servant").In late Arnor however, particularly in Rhudaur, Targen did designate a hereditary Lord, not considered a Roquen, but one who had sworn fealty towards one of the Erain of the Kingdom´s Great Houses, it was used as the Westron equivalent to the older Sindarin title "Brannon" (S."Lord").

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