Tar-Telemmaite was born in Armenelos in Númenór in S.A. 2136. He followed his father, Tar-Ancalimon, to the throne of Westernesse in S.A. 2386, becoming Númenór's fifteenth monarch. Like his father, he refused to yield the sceptre until his own death and, after Telemmaite's reign, the Kings of Andor ruled the Númenóreans until they died. The noble tradition begun by Vardamir was abandoned. Telemmaite retained the Kingship well beyond the point of his infirmity and his daughter Vanimelde cared little about governing, so the actual reins of power were held by the King's advisors during the last years of his life. Even while dying, however, he continued to press his servants to seek things of silver, particularly mithril. Telemmaite loved things of beauty and held a special reverence for silver objects. His lack of attention to the duties of a monarch throughout the later part of his reign influenced his daughter, who succeeded him upon his death.

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