Tar-Palantir (Ar-Inziladûn)


Time Period
S.A. 3035-3255

Known in Adûnaic as Ar-Inziladûn and twenty-third King of Númenór (S.A. 3175-3255), Tar-Palantir was the last King of the Faithful. His Adûnaic name was Ar-Inziladûn, which means "Flower of the West". Tar-Palantir's father, Ar-Gimilzôr, whom he succeeded, was an opponent of the Valar and the Elves. But Inzilbêth, the queen, taught her son to be an Elf-friend. Ar-Inziladûn took power in a time of great darkness in Númenor; ever since Tar-Atanamir, every king had spoken against the Valar and questioned the policies laid out to them. Palantir, however, sought to repent the actions of his predecessors; he once again tended the White Tree and followed the ancient practices. He had prophesied that the White Tree was tied with the line of the Kings; should it die, then the line of the Kings would in turn die out. However, there was no response from the Valar; and Eressëa could not be seen from the tower of Tar-Minastir. A name in Quenya was inscribed in the Scrolls, as was with ancient practices. Palantir in Quenya means "far sighted," as Palantir indeed saw the destruction that would come to Númenor if it kept going down the path it was on. His daughter, Míriel, was his official successor and would have followed his policies, but her rightful place as Queen of Númenor was usurped by her cousin, Ar-Pharazôn. He originally took an Eldarin name hoping to reverse the deterioration of his realm. His younger brother Gimilkhâd and his nephew Pharazôn opposed him, however, and in the end his efforts were in vain. He died — prematurely — of weariness.


  • Númellótë
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