Tar-Minastir (Q."King Tower-Seer") was the eleventh King of Númenór. He was a child of Isilmo, a child of Tar-Súrion. His aunt, Tar-Telperien, was Númenór's second Ruling Queen, who passed her title to her then-young nephew when she abdicated in S.A. 1731. It was he who responded to the pleas of Cirdan of Lindon who sought his aid in battle against the besieging armies of Sauron, Lord of the Rings, and it was under him that Sauron was ”captured” and interred as a prisoner of the Númenóreans. While his rule was just, his ways conservative and stalwart, his policies just and productive, his sole fault in his susceptibility to Sauron’s manipulation, by which he allowed the enigmatic Demon-lord limited freedom in captivity, ultimately paving the road to his people’s tragic corruption and downfall.

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