Born in S.A. 1634, Ciryatan was the son of Tar-Minastir. A prideful and ruthless Warrior, he ascended the

throne of Númenor in S.A 1869 and ruled for 160 years, surrendering the sceptre in S. A. 2029 to his eldest son Tar-Atanamir ("the Great"). He died in S.A. 2035. Prior to his reign, he sailed along most of Endor's coasts, becoming acquainted with the Adan interests and colonies and satiating his restless spirit. His voyages hurt his father, who hoped that his son would remain in Westernesse and learn the crafts ascribed to an heir. When Ciryatan finally returned home, he forced his loving father to relinquish the throne prematurely. It was from this moment, that the Shadow was said to have first gripped the Edain of the West. His second son, Murazor, became the Witch-king. As Númenor's twelfth King, Ciryatan built a huge fleet and embarked on a greedy policy of conquest and plunder in Middle-earth.

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