Tar-Atanamir the Unwilling

Tar-Atanamir, the "Unwilling", was the Great ruled of Númenor from S.A. 2029 until S.A. 2221. A Dúnadan Warrior, he was Westernesse's thirteenth King. Born in S.A. 1800, the son of Tar-Ciryatan, he was the older brother of Mûrazôr, the Númenórean Lord who became the Witch-king. Like his brother and father, he was a proud, vain Man, and he exacted a heavy tribute from the peoples of Middle-earth. In 1921 he married Adanel. During his reign, he spoke openly against the Eldar and the Ban of the Valar, and the strength of the King's Men began to grow. Atanamir had little love for the Faithful, and quiet persecution was a hallmark of his day. Despite Atanamir's jealous abuse of things associated with the Immortals, however, superstition and wisdom led him to maintain the Elvish tongues and the rich gifts of their traditions. The abandonment of these fine trappings was the work of his elder son Ancalimon.

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