Kirtir, also known as Tallas,Tallassë or Swaintock was a short, broad shrub found at Sandbanks along the River Gwathló.It was hard to find but grew out in a large area from where it broke the earth and boasted not only thick, juicy leaves that resembled the sole of a boot, but numerous 1" thorns. Small, yellow flowers could be found on its branches in spring.

If picked and ingested before they bloomed, kirtir buds would act as powerful stimulants, increasing the consumer’s speed for 1 hour, but causing them to lose fine control of their actions due to hyperactive shakes. Once the kirtir had run its course, the user became completely exhausted for 1-10 hours. If used in small doses so as to avoid its drastic side effects, kirtir also induced weight loss. Some of the more plump Daen-folk used it in this way to avoid being singled out as gluttons. This practice was dangerous, however, and could lead to addiction.Other side effects could include hallucination, mental disturbance, seizure and even death.

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