Talath in Battle

The Talataerim (Av. "Plains-people", S. "Talathrim") or simply Talath were a primitive Easterling-culture of the First Age. They were nomads from Hildorien who wandered throughout Palisor and became the indigenious population of the vast steppe-lands of Central Middle-earth.

The Talath were not a unified people but a collection of many different peoples. Most were herders, often swarthy, relatively small and stocky and close relatives to the Bórians and Uldorians of Beleriand, though one of their groups, the Tyr, were noticed for being exceptionally tall and fair-haired and were often guessed to be lost eastern relatives of the Hadorians.

Family Tree of the Talataerim

Outer information

The Talatherin languages, made up the the ICE Authors, were spoken mainly in Central Middle-Earth and are loosely based on Indo-European vocabulary.


Original form in MERP: Talathrim

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