Talagand (Q."Harper") was a Noble of Gondolin and Head of the House of the Harp.He was known to have been a friend of Maeglin Lómion, and his peers even accused him to have fawned upon the King's nephew, but unlike Maeglin Talagand was no traitor, although he knew little of Maeglin's plot and kept quiet out of fear and even was said to have sent his housetroops to a wrong destination, the lesser market, instead of reinforcing Glorfindel of the House of the Golden Flower. It was also reported that Talagand did not lead his housetroops into battle personally, but instead hid himself in his mansion, where he was most likely burned or taken captive.Later legend ridiculed Talagand and mean-spirited satirists even speculated that Talagand survived the Fall of Gondolin and became Morgoths court jester, but not everybody kept Talagand in bad memory. Earendil had been friends with Talagand as a child and the older Elf was said to have told the young child quaint tales or played drolleries with him.


  • heavy and squat



  • Salgant
  • Talagant
  • Tyalangando


Talagand is the only elven character J.R.R. Tolkien ever described as obese, so Talagand was in neither way the ideal image of an Elf Noble and many of his contemporaries looked down on him.

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