Tum-i-Cereg (S. "Vale of Mounds") was the name given by the Dúnedain to the traditional burial ground used by the Dunir of Andrast and western Anfalas. Influenced by Adan customs through early Númenórean contact, the Dunir had always buried their dead in barrow mounds (rather than in subterranean crypts, as did the ancient Daen Coentis). Since the Dunir of Anfalas and Andrast were simple folk, and lacked a developed social hierarchy, the mounds of Tum-i-Cereg tended to be simple, unadorned, and contained few items of worth. The single exception to this was the so- called Great Mound, an elaborate, stone-encircled mound rumored to contain the bones of an eponymous ancestor or mythical chieftain. Tum-i-Cereg functioned as the annual gathering place for the Dunir clans of this region who had not made permanent settlement alongside the Dúnedain.

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