Tûl Harár was the exit and entry point for all seaborne goods in Sîrayn. Products from Bulchyades, Olyas Krîs and Côdya across the Bay of Ormal and from the island archipelago south of Gan, as well as the faraway lands of the Utter East and the mysterious southern continent of Morenore filled the markets of the port. Its citizens were affluent, and beggars, cutpurses, and strays were rare. The city was a melting pot of many cultures and races. A stroll through its streets would reveal architectural patterns from old Númenor, Far Harad and the Utter East, in addition to Elven-influenced designs. The original populace was a blend of Khyan and Haradan stock. However, a small enclave of Elves and another of persons of Númenorean descent throve within the city walls. Little racial tension was evident and most individuals borrowed ideas freely from the palette of cultures available

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