, or Túvo (Av."Strong One"), was the wizard-king of the Avari of Rhun during the First Age. His origins were indeterminate, although it was either claimed that he was of the Nelyarin race and descendant-folk of Nurwe, while others claimed he was a descendant of the Minyar of ancient times. Much of his eccentricities can be traced to his capture by the Dark Hunter in the Ered Engrin during his youth, and his subsequent imprisonment by Morgoth in Utumno, who desired to corrupt the young Elf. Soon, however, the wily Elf-boy escaped to nearby Palisor and wandered lonely until he found the Hisildi near the shores of Helkanen and, revered for his experiences and possessing of great charisma and wisdom, became the ruler of these Twilight-Elves. His hidden society was already flourishing when Nuin discovered the first blessed children of Men, Ermon and Elmir, dormant within the valley of Hildorien. Tû was hesitant about awakening the children, fearing the potential influence of Morgoth, and so insisted that Nuin adopt and raise the children as his own. This delayed the corruption of Men for some time, as their first generations dwelt unded the watchful eye of the Elves. In time, however, some tribes ventured beyond Palisor against Tû‘s advice and began to split their loyalties between friendship with the Elves and reverence of Morgoth. After the subsequent Battle of Palisor, he left his people under a council of nobles and retreated to the scenic caves underneath of Cuivienen’s falls.

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