The Avari Realm of Tâlirân

A realm of the Utter South governed by Tatyar and inhabited by Nelyarin Avari, Tâliran (Av."Point of Morning" PQ."Tildêarin") was the only prominent Elven land south of the Tur Betark since the sinking of Dînsûlinor. In fact, many refugees from that land migrated to Tâliran, the rest abandoning Middle-earth entirely for Aman in the west, becoming Lingerers or even being killed by the Court of Ardor. Ruled as it was since its founding in the First Age by Tûranar, a champion of Tata's eastern folk, Tâliran was a self-sustaining country mostly aloof of local politics. In their common fashion, the Elves harmoniously and communally inhabited the rainforest of Tâliran, constructing large and beautiful homes for their healthy families in the branches of its huge trees, which often exceeded 200' (60m) in hight; Taurondë, the capital of the realm, exemplified this perfectly. They were known to provide aid to Koronandë, for they deemed the local Kirani the most noble Hildor of the region, though even this form of support was very basic, and was limited to, for example, Elven advisors or tutors or limited economic support and trade. Only in the direst of circumstances did the king lead a march to war. This cautious approach to international affairs was typical of Avari (even more so of Tatyar) towards impulsive Men, but the very atypical circumstances in this region contributed as well. It was due to this interaction between immortals and mortals here that the majority of local use of "magic" (as Men called it) transpired, no doubt one of the major reasons that Tâliran had not been threatened by Tantûrak, or any other realm for that matter.

In the Early Second Age, groups of Sindarin refugees from Menegroth (as well as the women and children of Havens of Sirion), loathe to abandon Middle-earth (but unable to return Northwest due to despised Noldorin "paternalism") explored the coasts southward and eventually settled on the shores of Tâliran. Leaders of these folk were familiar with the southern realm through Fëatúro, who wished the Guild of Elements to be strengthened. Soon these Elves were granted high stations and titles within the realm of the Kinn-lai, who came to largely delegate the burden of government to their more organized Elda brethren. These appointments were largely reliant on the autocratic rule of Tûranar because a great part of his people, in fact, despised the Eldar. Indeed, many rebellious Kinn-lai came to join the Court of Ardor as had many of their cousins in the First Age.

Places of Note

Engkîr Laurrë's Manor Taurondë


  • Fan Modules: The Mûmakan (Court Of Ardor Revision) by Thomas Morwinsky (Coordinator)
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