Sweet Galenas or Westmansweed, known as Pipeweed amongst the Hobbits, was the more famous variety of Galenas, a plant closest related to Nicotiana. In contrast to its Bitter Galenas cousin, it had a sweet and flavorful taste and could be smoked in pipes, for which it was used tremendously by many of the cultures of Eriador, chiefly the Halflings of the Shire and the folk of Breeland, although in more metropolitan countries such as gondor it was merely valued for the beautiful smell of it's blossoms. Pipeweed smokers claimed that smoking sweet Galenas leaves had a recreative and thought stimulating effect.

Known Brands of Pipeweed

  • Eastfarthing
  • Greyflood Weed
  • Hornpipe Shag
  • Hornpipe Twist
  • Longbottom Leaf
  • Old Toby
  • Southern Star
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