A powerful warrior, named Sulyâti-Sey, stood next in line for

the seat of Yâmak-Spiyûn. For years, Sey, rather than the clan chief, had led the Kindilâr raiders on missions of land piracy. Yet, he did not hunger for the top seat. Having had witnessed the trials Spiyûn had faced and observing the erosion of the chief's integrity, Sey felt no hurry to take such burdens upon himself. Instead, he hoped to continue in his present position, leading warriors and pursuing the woman who had captured his heart, Bethin-Ômul. Sey was a large man for his race, standing over six foot nine with a heavily muscled frame. His skin and hair were very dark as befitted a Haradron of pure breeding. In battle he wielded a huge, [[two-handed scimitar]] with deadly skill. He wore a vest of chain under his robes of tan and yellow.


Original form in MERP:Suljati Sey = Sulyâti-Sey


  • MERP:Warlords of the Desert
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