Sulini Fighters

The Sulini (A."Waveborn") were tall and slender Trader- and fisher-folk from the coastal areas of Tanara.Like the Wômaw ancient tales made them kinsmen of the Avari elves, although this was rather unlikely.Due to their uncommon appearance for folk of the far east they were often presumed to be of Talath or Zori descend.

Most Sulini lived in fishing settlements along the coasts. Since they were Trader- and fisher-folk rather than deep-ocean Sailors, they were not accustomed to adventuring in faraway lands.However they had good nautical skills and often travelled to the major port to find a market for their talents and were recruited as skilled sailors.

Physical description


Sulini were slender and graceful. Males average 230 pounds in weight, while females average 160 pounds.


Sulini had fair skin, blonde hair and blue or green eyes.


Sulini needed only 4 hours of rest per day.


They could reach 7'2" in height, with an even 6' being the lower end of the range.

Special Abilities:

Dark Vision: Sulini saw extremely well in the dark.



They spoke their own native language: Suluni, a language closely related to Rhaya and Talath.


Religious Attitudes: The Sulini followed the religious beliefs and practices appropriate to the Littoral culture template, although more casually.Their main god was the water-deity Numa.


Of all tanaran cultures the Sulini resembled most closely the Cloudlords and the Myri making them perhaps close kinsmen.


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