Strayhold Map

  • Type: Fortified Town
  • Inhabitants: 85% Northman, 15% Mixed Mannish
  • Population: 900
  • Origin: Settled by Gramuz outcasts, c. TA 1340 
  • Purpose: Trade with Gramuz and Gondor; economic focal point
  • Symbol: None

Strayhold, also known as Unsibyabaurg (Rh."Town of Iniquity") and later Waldlesburg (Éo."Rule-less Town") (other names include Rh."Brandavrot", "Fire-root"), rested near the eastern edge of Mirkwood, situated in a deep gorge near the edge of the Talath Harroch. Among the steep and twisted canyons of Strayhold, numerous brigands and thieves robbed unwary travelers and fought among themselves. Plague refugees were among the only honest residents of Strayhold, and they prayed that the uneasy peace maintained by a mysterious magician would keep them safe from knives in the dark.




Older ICE Publications used the old english spelling Burh Waldlaes, newer publications replaced the name with a latinized gothic form, Unsibiabaurg.

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