Storlage the Orc-Demon

Shortly after Morgoth twisted the spirits of Maiar into Balrogs, he began the dreadful work which gave birth to Orcs. Storlaga was one of the very first of his making. Storlaga's soul was delved from the spirit of a young, innocent awakened-Noldo whose misguided awe and curiosity drew him too far along Morgoth´s path.

As one of the very first Orcs, and the greatest of their spell casters, Storlaga became a primary invocator of the worship of Morgoth, Part Elf-demon (from the twistings of Morgoth) and part Wraith, the ensorcered Orc-demon worked alongside his mentor and companion, the dreadful corrupting Maia known as Fankil(aka: "Fangli" and "Fukir). Storlaga served Morgoth with complete devotion, bending each new generation of tortured Orc-spirits to the worship and service of their horrid master. Eventually. Storlaga fled Angband, avoiding the insane wrath of the Dark One, the ire incurred by the loss of a Silmaril from Morgoth´s Iron Crown by Beren Erchamion. Storlaga's further adventures are unknown.

Principal Items:


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