The Stoors (Éo."Storas") were one of the three original tribes of the Hobbits.


The Stoors were the broadst and most stout kindred of the hobbits.They had large hands and feet and a swarthy or ruddish skin and mostly dark hair.Some male Stoors grew facial hair, a thing unknown among the Harfoots and Fallohides, and many elder Stoorish males were quite proud of their side whiskers.


The Stoors lived in riverine Valleys along the Anduin and River Gladden and many of them were fishermen and travelled with small round boats.They also could swim quite well and sometimes wore dwarven boots.They had the reputation of being quite rough or blunt and were known to be sometimes led by female matriarchs who presided over the individual clans.


The Stoors were the tribe of Holbytlas that remained in the southern Anduin Vales for the longest time.Only after T.A.1150 and 1300 they started to migrate westwards and took the Redhorn Pass towards Enedhwaith.There many settled in northern Dunland, Hollin and the region of the Tharbad-marshes.Only a small group moved northwards to the Angle of Rhudaur and mingled with the Harfoots and Fallohides that lived there.With the growing threat of Angmar however many of these angle-Stoors fled southwards and reunited with their kindred in Dunland, these Dunland-Stoors became a Woodland-People and came into contacs with the Dunlendings and took over their language, some Stoors even returned to Rhovanion.Later most of the Dunland-Stoors joined the Harfoots and Fallohides in their migration to the Shire.


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