The Stiffbeards (Kh."Mebel-Tarâg") were one of the seven tribes of the Khazâd. They were sometimes known as Frost-Dwarves, Glacier-Dwarves, Ice-Dwarves or Snow-Dwarves due to their icy northern homeland.





Stiffbeard Dwarves crossing the northern Waste

The Stiffbeards are one of the two Dwarf-Tribes that awoke in Central Middle-Earth at the Mirror Halls (Kh.:"Kheledkhizdin") in the spine of Arda. They first established in Kibil-tarag, in the far north and they remained there until the invasion of Dragons, when they had to flee and their king was killed. The survivors went this way and that, seeking more modest hearths hidden as best as they can from Dragons.


Of necessity Thúlin's people, alone of the seven houses, procure their own food. They live an stoic existence of hunting and weapon-crafting, a few tribes also herd Feithan, Saiga and occasionally even Norsu. Many Families train rekikoirat. They are friendly with the Forodwaith, Umli, Ice-Elves and other Mornârin people of the Far North. They keep some forgotten lore of their own race about carving-runes called felakmêk which they use against dragons.


Taller than most Dwarves and slighter of build, their average height ranges from 4-5 foot, their weight from 130-160 pounds. Their beards are wispy and grey and their skin pale as bone and tough as hide. The Stiffbeards are known for their strange way of wearing their Beards as long and pointed thorn-like knots.

They dress themselves in furs and leather of beasts, wearing little or no metal, which burns their skin when so chill. For the most part their ornaments are carved from wood or bone, bound with sinew.


Stiffbeards of renown:

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