Stadle in 1650 TA

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A mile from Bree, Staddle (older "Stathol" or "Stathula") was on the opposite side of Bree-hill. Containing only twenty homes, it was founded almost entirely for the convenience of those farmers whose land laid east of Bree-hill, since it saved time not to go tramping around the heights in order to tend the fields; the village got its royal charter as recently as T. A 1250, and did not trouble to elect a mayor to oversea its village moot. Commerce between Bree and Staddle was steady, since the two towns were so close and smaller community was completely lacking in merchants and artisans. The joke around Bree was that Staddle barely had a population of its own. Staddle also had no inn or tavern, so the Men and Hobbits of the village regularly went to the Prancing Pony in Bree for a drink and a fireside chat. In addition, there were many family ties between the two villages, especially among the Hobbits.

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