The Men of the region surrounding the Lonely Mountain risked many dangers to gather this tall, thin reed, as it had a tremendous ability to lift spirits and impart renewed vigour to weary limbs. Spirit fire was highly sought-after throughout Middle-earth, and the Men of Laketown relied on its trade for much of their income. Competition for prime gathering areas was both vicious and intense. Business rivals had been known to resort to swords when their jealousy and resentment grew too strong for words. The Orcs of the Misty Mountains also used spirit fire in their foul liquors. Bands of those creatures frequently sallied forth to gather supplies of the herb, making an already dangerous trade more perilous.

Location: The shores of the Long Lake. Fresh Term: 1 week Prepared Term: 1 month Effect: A single dose of spirit fire halved weariness and strenthened Stamina to resist Weariness. Both effects lasted until the one who consumed it slept.

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