A spider

are predatory invertebrate animals that have two body segments, eight legs, no chewing mouth parts and no wings. They are most closely akin to scorpions, mites and ticks, sometimes also harvestmen are called Spiders.All spiders produce silk,many species use it to trap insects in webs, although there are also many species that hunt freely. Silk can be used to aid in climbing, form smooth walls for burrows, build egg sacs, wrap prey, and temporarily hold sperm, among other applications.Most spiders can inject venom to protect themselves or to kill prey. Only a few species, however, have bites that can pose health problems to humans.Many larger species' bites may be quite painful, but will not produce lasting health concerns.In Middle-Earth besides common Small Spiders, Medium Spiders and Larger spiders there were also the Great Spiders or Giant Spiders which were of demonic origin, believed to be the offspring of the Spider-Demon Ungolianth.Spider species of Middle-Earth included:

Spiders of Note

Attercop Bogbereth Crazy Cob Eagoth Enna San Sarab Gelob Gwethil Lazy Lob Old Tomnoddy Saenathra Shelob Unglob Ungoliant Vorsang

Genealogy of Spider-kind

Ungwer or Animal Spiders:

Great Spiders:


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