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'Is'pahûn to Akhoraphil
Akhuzdah to An Aras
An Côsa Brâs to Ar-Abattarik
Ar-Abattârik to Arta the fair
Artafinde to Axes
Axes of Nargubraz to Barad Loen
Barad Loën to Beadula
Bealdor to Bindbole Wood
Binding-Ring to Books
Booksword to Bráighe Cuic
Brâlin of Rûrumakh to Caerlinc
Caerog to Castariel
Castaway to Cilstrem
Cilstrem Vale to Corsairs of Umbar
Corsairs of umbar to Dagor Dagorath
Dagorhir to Dendra-Dwâr II
Dendra-Dwêm to Dor-Rhûnen
Dor-Winion to Dunadan
Dunadd to Dîs
Dór-Rhûnen to Ei Missä
Eiffel to Elven Cuirass
Elven Dromon to Ered Rhívamar
Ered Tarthonion to Faebartha
Faedagnirath to Felegoth
Felegron to Fish-scale armor
Fisher to Freck Isles
Freck bridge to Galmendur of Dol Amroth
Galmir to Gilbarad
Gilbrennil to Goldilocks Took
Goldogrin to Great plague
Great plateau to Guntram Goldenhands
Gura to Halocha
Halog to Helcarth
Heldasiril to Hills of Tarnost
Hills of Wum to Hundar
Hundar son of Haleth to Ieshés
Ifon to Iron hills
Iron mountains to K'prur
Ka'ish to Khurubra-Ankhiv
Khurubra of Sturlurza to Kustîg
Kutamaji to Lanthiriath
Laodegan to Lindon (Realm)
Lindon (Village) to Lotesse
Lothahil to Maedhros' Seat
Maedhros March to Marhwini
Mariel to Meneldil of Gondor
Meneldir to Miretars Crown
Miretar´s Crown to Mortal Men
Mortal ghoul to Mānawenūz
NPC to Nen Girith
Nen Hithoel to Northern Peninsula
Northern Piranhas to Oilosse
Oin to Orgol
Orgoph to Parth Ulmon
Party to Post
Potato to Raskhuk I
Rast Arnor to Rivalry in Moria
Rivendell to Rural Man
Rural Men to Sarnhad
Sarnladen to Shagram
Shagrat to Sinking plain
Sinnirwa to South Undeeps
South ithilien to Sturgeon
Sturlurtsa to Talarin
Talarod to Tedyin
Teeth of Kanyar to The Wind Throne
The Witch-King to Thûrlornar
Tiar Hariar to Treasure hunter
Treasure seeker to Tôd
Tôl to Unsibiabaurg
Unsippi to Vampires
Vana to Wall of the North
Walls of Night to Wicca
Wicked Dwarves to Worng
Worod to Zirakzigil
Zircon to flet
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