There are two -although abandoned - stories about Time-Travel or Space-Time travel in Tolkien´s writings.The first one -"The Lost road" - is about two men, father and son, called Alboin and Audoin who travel in time to the fall of Númenór by"angelic intervention" through Eärendil the Mariner and reconnection with the Lombard and Saxon Nobles Aelfwine and Eadwine or Alboin and Audoin who were possibly ancestors or earlier incarnations of themselves and descendants of the Númenóreans Elendil and Herendil.The second one -"the Notion club papers" - is about a group of men who travel into past and future by mind and see the history of middle-earth in the far past and prophesize space travel in the far future.

A different kind of travelling which could be interesting is "Mind-travelling" via the ways of Songs or Stories.Some Poets and Storytellers are gifted in such a way that they might invoke visions, dreams or even seem to put the listener into a different place and time.



In Rolemaster "Time-Traveller" and "Astral-Traveller" are playable professions.


While "The Lost Road" concerns both, Reincarnation and "angelic intervention", "the Notion Club Papers" concern "Space-time travel", both through reconnection with possible ancestors or earlier incarnations and by "memory-mind-connection" to objects, similar to the "talking to trees and stones", practised by Elves.This practice is however indicated to be related to various kinds of Dreams and exchange of memory with other objects from within the universe, often compared to some kinds of "Lucid dreaming" or "Astral-traveling" or "astro-projection", but in truth probably more comparable to a sort of "Object-memory-empathy" or "Object-memory-telepathy".

This can also be used as a device for having adventurers experiencing events and adventures in past times or visit places and people out of legend.A game master might for example choose to have his players visit Eregion in the second Age and have them meet Annatar and Celebrimbor via an elvish song or story in Rivendell.Of course artifacts found in these dreams or visions can not be taken back into "reality", nor could history be altered or physical stats raised, but skills of the mind and certainly knowledge and lore perhaps could be an exception here...

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