The Southern Ice (Ad."Kharakhêlekê"Q."Hyarmeninquë") or Last Continent was Ambar's southern polar or antarctical region, believed to have once been the southernmost Part of Southernesse and the frozen Sea of Southern Ekkaia.


Aldâri Anzêti Cold Ogres Dûrgana Eritari Helegrogs Longskulls Lydian O'ô'-Pendi Ochu Quaidu Storm Demons Tarâni Winter Giants


Cold Mother


Apairë's Land Cold Desert Death Gorge Dry Valley Great Channel Ice-free Ocean Pack Ice Barrier Tar-Vanimeldë-Land Cape Tar-Aldarion Tol Ëarandamundar Uringli Peninsula Volcanic Island Walking Ice Warm Valley

Places of Note

Forsaken Outpost Great Marble Statue Ice-Sphinx Lydian City Mount Ûrupiyayô Númenórean Shipwreck Secret base Snow Pyramids Turuharmen


Albatroses Gulls Penguins Petrels Seals Sea-lions Whales


The map of the Southern polar region is inspired by Jules Verne's tale "the Ice sphinx" and Edgar Allan Poe's "The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket".

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