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A Zigûr or númenórean Sorcerer

Sorcerer ("one who influences, fate, fortune") was a term applied mostly-though not exclusively-to Magicians who were commited-or under suspicion to be commited-to Morgûl-Magic or black magic. These were pupils and worshippers of the Dark Lord and enemies of the Free Peoples. But often the term was also applied to Magicians who worked with the Powers of the West or the Flame Imperishable. For example, mortal men often considered Elven Curugrim, who worked Nature-magic, Sorceresses.

Among the groups counted as Sorcerers were:

Sorcerers of renown


In Rolemaster the Sorcerer is a playable profession. He is a magic-user, working with sigils, who uses Channeling and Essence, and is able to invoke demons.Similar or derived classes are the Chaotic, Conjurer, Creator, Evil Alchemist, Evil Elementalist, Enchantress, Forcemage, Macabre, Maleficant, Mana Molder, Necromancer,Shadow Mage, Summoner, Warlock and Witch.