Slave-Orcs from the Movie Series

("Slave") was the orcish term for slave and usually applied to the smaller orc breeds by the Uruk-hai.

snagas of renown


Some fanfiction stories apply the terms ûlar-Hai and Ûshar-Hai to the Slave-Orcs of Isengard and Mordor.


In MERP the Snagas or "Snaga-Hai" are the weakest breed of slave-orcs.The Urgdug of Gorgoroth are a Tribe of weaker and duller lesser Orcs and exemplary for the slave-Orcs of Mordor .The Snagahai of Moria and Snagoth of Angmar are also considered Snaga-Hai or Gongi.

Angband Games

Angband and a number of derived rogue-like games have a race known as Yeeks as playable characters.They are small goblin-like creatures, most likely identical with the weakest sub-race of the Orcs, the Snagas.

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