Smiley, also known as the "War Lord" (as he preferred to be addressed) had been the dominate figure in Garrothold for 12 years. The name Smiley was acquitred when he was still a relatively young man. The thief he served his apprenticeship under was led to believe that Smiley was planning to kill him and assume the leadership of the thieves band (which was true). Smiley's mentor sought to remove the threat with a wire of drawn mithril. Fourtunately (for Smiley) the wire missed his neck. It did loop into his mouth and sliced open his cheeks to his ears. Smiley managed to wrestle away from and kill his former teacher. The healed cuts drew the corners of his mouth up so it appeared as if he was smiling from ear to ear.

Smiley was 48 years old. He was slight of build, but extremely strong and very quick.

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