The Slow-fang was one of the most dangerous and dominant creatures in the rain forests of southern Endor. Large (9' long) and exceptionally strong, it lived in trees and hunted large mammals and smaller reptiles. Its body coloration varied with the surface they happened to cross, although it was usually brownish and had mottled green stripes. They had friction pads on their feet, specialized scales that enabled them to stick to vertical surfaces for indefinite periods. The slow-fangs were naturally agile tree-climbers. This feature, however, impaired their movement on the jungle floor, and they were awkward runners; thus their name. Still, they could be quite deadly. Endowed with a strong, 6' long prehensile tongue that acted like a whip or bola, they could strike a foe quickly. Then they bit the immobilized victim with a pair of 7" fangs, injecting a mild muscle poison. This venom disabled the prey long enough for the slow-fang to slowly discard any inedible trappings (e.g., clothing) before swallowing the meal in one long gulp.


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