A network of islands and waterways confused the Enedhir and so the Tumlamennen took a major channel to rejoin the Onodló. This general area, before the slight rise of a limestone ridge, was a huge mire, and about the most unpleasant region of the Ethir Onodló. The first settlers from Gondor called it Coll-fuin (S."The Sink of Gloom") and its most common name was the Slough, though it was also referred to as Gloaminghollow, Gloaminghole and Darklemere. North of the Formennen, the Slough was more open and less dank, but a place of danger nonetheless.In the Slough were quite a few nasty creatures only too willing to annoy travellers: snakes, large fish, pond bats, minks, more snakes, blue terrapins, leeches and flukes, even more snakes, gorcrows and hoptas, plus even worse things at night. It was very unlikely that to come across anyone in the Slough other than on the large, direct channels used by boats.


Original form in MERP:E Lebefuin =Coll-fuin


  • MERP:Mouths of the Entwash
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