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Lanthir Siring
Siring Stream (highlighted) flowing into Mitheithel
Other names Coldwater; Bl: "Forishka"
Type River
Location Coldfells, Rhudaur
Realm Rhudaur
Ruler N/A
Inhabitants Hillmen of Rhudaur
Language(s) Blarm, Sindarin
Summary Main stream of the Coldfells

The Siring (S."Coldwater"; Bl."Forishka") was a stream arising in Nan Siring in the northern Misty Mountains, flowing through the Coldfells of Rhudaur and eventually into the Mitheithel. The Siring had two forks, arising in adjacent valleys: the North or Upper Fork, and the South or Lower Fork. They were separated by a ridge of hills which thrust out westward from the mountains; the two forks joined just west of the last hill.

The Siring exited Nan Siring in a spectacular waterfall, Lanthir Siring.


  • MERP Fan Modules: Valley of the Shadow of Death
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