The Sinking Plain (Th."Ungu'tlar") was a region of over 30.000 squaremiles in the far North of Central Endor close to the Northern Seas.It was dominated by the nine rivers Silubr, Faerie River, Turtle River, Bruun, Tarpie, Niloti, River Nighthawk, Skopco and Blach it was also home to the rival City-States of Oriz and Zetta.


Ainur:Demons, Fairies, mermaids

Dwarves:Eastern Dwarves

Elves: Avari (Hisildi;Hwendi;Kindi;Yimâni)

Men: Orizians Zettans

Orcs: Goblins Orcs Ogres

Trolls: Civilized Trolls Wild Trolls

Settlements and Points of Interest:



Aaron Aluap Amnac Arndre W'Ricke Ash-Val Bohlman the Mad C'ha K'aun t'ze Danel Silens D'Breh M'Loy D'mallo Darkholme Buck Eridor Estaban Estus Fitzlau Harkmar Ida Karyn Jardan Lito Extempler Lothrax Lucio Luther Millidexter P'Trich al Maalon Nicoli Nimanril Omar Orvid R'ossah Selachii Set The Shade Smiley Smitty S'sorr Tyoh Y'Rage


Albatrosses small amphibians Ape-Eagle Alligators Apes Baboons Basilisks Bears Bees Bisons Boa Constrictor Camels Hyaenas Condors Deer Dolphins Dragons Eagles Elk Forbliss Giant Crabs Dragon-flies Giant Warrior Ants Lions Hell Cobras Horses small insects Lion-Ape Lion-Eagle Lion-Spiders small mammals Moose Mosquitos Mountain Lions Nighthawks Piranhas Poisonous snake small reptiles Rocs Scorpions sea-birds Slugs Snakes Snapping Turtles Spider-Ape Spider-Eagle Swamp Kraken Steppe Turtles Unicorns Wild Boar Wild Horses Wolf Spiders Wolves Wyverns


Acaana Asp Nettles Bamboo ferns marsh-grass snake-like plants Strangler Vines Zaganzar



possible locations of the later sinking plain

The Sinking Plain was originally the setting of Shade of the Sinking Plain a module od ICE's early Loremaster-Series.In contrast to the Series other three Books the setting was never integrated into ICE's shadow World Scenario and the Continent of Jaiman, the Geography of the area also rather resembles some of the northern bays of Pete Fenlon's Middle-Earth map especially lands of the great Northern Peninsula.


  • Loremaster:Shade of the sinking Plain
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