Thelor the Rich (Av."Great Resolver") , known as Sindri (Del."Little Spark") in the records of the Westlands, was the Father of the Ironfists, the Fifth House of the Naugrim.

  • Thelor I - Awoke in the Mirror Halls within the Spine of Arda along with his brother Thúlin.
  • Thelor II - fought in the Battle of Palisor.
  • Thelor III - At the beginning of the Second Age he led his people northward, where they briefly settled in the peak that would later be Mount Gundabad.
  • Thelor IV - Received a Ring of Power, also known as Darsha. Removed his People eastward to the Hills of Rhun after failing to hold Gundabad.
  • Thelor V - killed in Rhûn during a fight with his brother Thulin IV.
  • Thelor VI - retreated about T.A. 1600 with the remnants of his host to the underground Halls of Nurunkkhizdin.
  • Thelor VII - was prophecised to return in the fourth age and settle down the conflict with his brother Thúlin.


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