Silverpit and surrounding lands

Zahar-zigil (Kh. Silver-pit) was a Dwarven mining colony in the Ered Mithrin established in T.A. 2149.

In T.A. 2590 the fire-drake Ruingurth occupied the abandoned Dwarf-hold of Zahar-zigil at Goat Mountain. There is no tradition of his death; he was still alive in T.A. 2644.

Zahar-zigil probably refers to dwarven name for Goat Mountain, which in dwarven tradition has been named: "Silver? spike".


Other Hands, issue 23, from 1998 - article: Dragons of the North:

  • locations of the Silverpit and Thundercleft are swapped in comparison to current location.
  • Silverpit has been named as Zahar-zigil
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