Silmariën (SA 521—9??)—The first daughter and oldest child of Tar-Elendil and Silmië. Given that, at the time, the crown of Númenor was passed down by agnatic primogeniture (in that, only the firstborn son could inherit), Silmariën could not become Queen of Númenor. However, her father does appear to have held her in some sort of favor—he gave her the Ring of Barahir at her wedding, an heirloom traditionally passed from the King to the King’s son, and given that it was later seen to be wielded by Elendil the Tall, Tar-Elendil may have given Silmariën the sword Narsil as well. Silmariën was a lively, vivacious woman who, once she got over her disappointment of not inheriting the throne, set her energy to helping her brother, as the young Meneldur was not really possessed of the proper temperament for ruling. She and her husband Elatan married extremely young by Númenorean standards of the day, but mostly lived apart for the first few decades of their marriage, as they didn’t feel like having children yet and were still pursuing separate interests. Silmariën took up with her younger cousin Lindissë during this time period, but their relationship petered out from romantic to platonic after a year or so. Silmariën’s son and only child Valandil was born in 630. She had a good relationship with her nephew and nieces, but a rather more tempestuous relationship with her great-niece, Tar-Ancalimë. They were both women of strong personalities, and these personalities often clashed.


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