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The Shrel (Bd. "Lasting Ones") or Szreldor (Bd."Last People") were a people that ruled over rhûn in the early second Age.Since the Lands of Rhûn are said to have been subjugated by Baradhrim who had fled eastwards after the drowning of Beleriand, the shrel might have actually been Baradhrim, maybe intermixed with Talataerim.The name of the shrel survived in the name of the town shrel-kain.

the Szreldor in Inland-Sea Module:

The Baradhrim were a people living in the First Age, who were divided into two groups, the Borians and Ulbandim or Uldorians. These groups originally hailed from the Far East (the Orocarni range) but some later migrated to Beleriand. The Borians remained faithful to Eru while the Ulbandim turned to Morgoth. After the destruction of Beleriand, the surviving Ulbandim settled in the region around the Sea of Rhun.

The Szreldor and Vulszev originally were two clans of returning Baradhrim, mostly probably of Uldorim descent.But after subjugating local talatherim clans the Szrel quickly were considered a Kingdom and people.


the Szreldor dominated the northern Clans of the Ulgath, a people that came to be known as the Urgath.Remnants of the Szreldor and Vulszev in southern Rhûn, north of the Morannon, were known as the Hathig in the fifth and sixth century TA.Surviving Szreldor returning from the battle of Dagorlad founded the Hôs-Clan, the ruling Clan among the Sagath-Easterlings.

The Szreldor and Vulsev, who increasingly after the middle Second Age became one and the same people, ruled over the local Ulgathic peoples with an iron fist. They imposed the patriarchal and slave-owning norms of the Far East on a previously egalitarian and peaceful matriarchal people; under this system the natives existed in a form of serfdom where the Shrel ruled over and terrorized them. Although the Gargath peoples eventually broke free from their rule and set up their own society in later Dorwinion, the influence of the Shrel could still be felt in the survival of placenames such as 'Shrel-Kain' or Shrel-Arkasa.

The Rhûnhoth of the Shrel-Vulszev alliance and the Nardhrim eventually formed the Ghazad Borúna, who fought under Sauron in the War of the last Alliance, after Sauron's defeat the rule over Rhûn fell into the hands of former client-tribes, mostly descendants of the Ulgath and Ioriags.



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