The Shield of Dúrin was Dúrin the Deathless' royal shield.It was traditionally held by Durin's Shieldbearer.It was unknown what happened to the Royal Shield after Durin VI's death.


+20 DB, casts any 14 spells 7x/day, the first four spells include: 1. Sudden Light, 2. Stun Relief III, 3. Prayer, and 4. Resistance I, for all within 14' radius and other channeling spells.


This is actually an okay item. For the last ten spells, GM's or players may want to incorporate these spells from the channeling list: 5. Animist Nature's Protections "Deflections Organic," 6. Open Channeling Nature's Law "Stonespeech," 7. Open Channeling Concussions Ways, "Regenerate I," 8. Closed Healer Organ Law "Organ Regeneration," 9. Cleric Life Mastery "Life Giving True," 10. Open Channeling Light's Way "Alkar," 11. Cleric Repulsions "Rechanneling," 12. Closed Channeling Locating Ways "Finding True," 13. Cleric Repulsions "Repel Undead True," 14. Cleric Protections "Protections True"

This spell list just serves as an example of what GM's and Players may want as their remaining spells for Durin's shield.

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