Sharkey's Company, also called the Boss's Men or the Southern Party, was a group of outlaws in Breeland, being in league with the fallen Wizard Saruman, whom they better knew as "Sharkey".

Mostly Southerners coming up the Greenway, they came together with the refugees who left their homes to escape the threat of war. Hailing primarily from villages of the Dunlendings and other men of Enedhwaith or Minhiriath, a few were recruited Breemen willing to cut throats to lay their hands on coin. Led by chiefs such as Cosimo and Long Tom, they began to fill the power vacuum left by the diminshed Blackwolds gang, secretly enforcing the will of Saruman.

Infiltrating the Blackwolds and Breeland Company, Sharkey's men became bolder and bolder, claiming ownership of farms and stopping carts. By the time Sauron's power was growing, so to did the influence of the Southern Party, and with it that of Sharkey. Those of the highest profile within the company established encampments such as Brigand's Watch, fashioned Sharkey's Shipping as a legal means of hiding nefarious endeavours, as well as searching for artifacts originating from the bygone ages of Arnor and Angmar. As the Southern Party's ranks were swelling, Half-Orcs were posted in certain areas such as Andrath to maintain discipline among them and reports were daily sent through Crebain to the Masters of Isengard.

Certain key members were tasked with catching a halfling carrying something of great value, which Sharkey wanted to obtain and either master it or in turn hand it to Sauron as proof of his false vassal covenant. As such, some of the Southerners visited at the Prancing Pony, bribing or scaring off the gate-keepers into telling them of any new arrivals and spying for any piece of precious information. However, the presence of Strider, services bought by Angmar as well as the treacherous ways of Bill Ferny brought the failure of Sharkey's plans.

Allowed more freedom once Sharkey was required to play his part in the War of the Ring, the Southern Party thrived and turned to other allies to extend their reach beyond the borders of Breeland. To this end they allied with the guilible Lotho Sackville-Baggins to gain more contracts with the Shire. As demands for Pipe-weed from Isengard increased, the company came to help Lotho run his affairs until they became nearly indispensable. What little remained of the weakened Blackwolds and Breeland Company was absorbed by the Southern Company.

Certain of success given the apparent chance of victory for Sauron, the Southern Party planned and attacked the town of Bree, using both superior weaponry and inside men to push the locals back. However, the ruffians underestimated the patriotism of the people and found themselves sustaining grievous losses. Forced to retreat, the Southern went to the Shire to recover from the serious setback by exploiting the Hobbits's economy. They had fully returned to their state of power by the time Sharkey himself arrived and cast Lotho aside to assume his role as the "Boss".

The Battle of Bywater ended with the final defeat of Sharkey's Company at the hands of the Hobbits. In the event of the skirmish, Saruman himself was killed by his oppressed servant Grima Wormtongue on the very steps of Bag End.

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