A Skin-Changer

A shapeshifter is a person which is able to master his appearance and change into a different form.The best known shapeshifters in Middle-Earth were the Skinchangers of the Beornings but the skill of shapeshifting was also common among the Ainur, both Dark Lords, Morgoth and Sauron were able to assume different forms, Morgoth appeared as a huge Giant when he entered Arda and later as a terrible Warlord, but when he went to seduce the Hildor he took the shape of a mighty and beautiful man.Sauron appeared as a mighty and beautiful fire spirit, in his original form and in his disguise as Annatar but also as a terrible demon or Warlord, as a Serpent, a Werewolf and a Vampire.The Sky-spirits of Manwe and Elbereth -the Manir and Suruli- also appeared both as human-like beings and in the form of Birds.Morgoth´s Phantoms, whom he sent out as Agents and Spies even could appear in any form. The Istar Radagast also was a famous "Master of shapes and hues".Some Elves also possessed shapeshifting abilities, while Luthien took the form of the Vampiress Thuringwethil, Finrod Felagund changed the appearances of his and Beren Ercharmion´s entire company into that of orcs.


In The Lord of the Rings Online it is revealed that shapeshifting was a gift which the Wizard Radagast had once bestowed on the ancestors of the Beornings.Rogue men stole and abused the gift and eventually became the Gaurdain and Ungoldain.


In MERP the Shapeshifter is an additional class for experienced gamers.In Rolemaster the "Doppelgänger" is a similar shape-shifter profession.

shapeshifters in Roleplaying

There were other shapeshifters than just the beornings in , among them were the:

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