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An extremely ferocious, tough, and cunning Uruk, Shagrat (BS."Strong-willed") was the Captain of the Orc-troop at Cirith Ungol during the War of the Ring. He was one of very few Orcs who survived the quarrel over Frodo's equipment (the mithril shirt, Elvish cloak, and magic sword). In the bloody skirmish, Shagrat was wounded and lost the use of one arm. Nonetheless, he still managed to squeeze the eyes out of Radbug, and threatened another (Snaga). This Orc-captain claimed the captured booty and eventually took his precious bundle to Sauron in Barad-dur — with nearly disastrous consequences.

Shagrat was a large Orc. Unusually tall, he had very long arms that reached to the ground, large fangs, and after his fight with Gorbag's company many claw scars on his face.



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